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Recognised by leading investment companies around the world as the ‘gold standard’ investment credential, the CFA Charter is the best possible route to career success and global opportunity.

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What is the CFA Program?

Gain the skills you need to transform the investment industry.

Becoming a CFA® charterholder, is a coveted distinction confirming your mastery of investment concepts and dedication to promoting ethics in the financial sector.

Acquiring the charter is known as one of the investment industry’s biggest challenges: It starts with passing the 3 CFA Program exams. Successfully finishing the program prepares you to advocate for market transparency, fairness, and integrity.

Broaden your career possibilities

Having a CFA charter opens doors to a myriad of jobs, not just one. Charterholders demonstrate a mastery of skills that enable them to take on many roles in sectors such as asset management, commercial banking, consulting, and insurance.

What the CFA Program covers

CFA Program is a self study, three-level exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, company valuation, portfolio management, and wealth planning, while always putting ethics at the center.

Level I CFA exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. The Level I curriculum is organized into topics, and each topic contains learning modules.

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See what our candidates are saying

Passing level 1 meant a lot to me, without getting into details, passing the exam changed a lot of things in my environment to the better. Professionally, I was head hunted for a couple of positions that I wouldn't have been chosen for without level 1 of CFA. However, I have always wanted to work in investment banking and I am currently finishing my second month as an intern in the leading investment bank in the country I live in.
-Najeh Albustami, 26 years old
CFA preparation is like a marathon, start early and enjoy the journey. Passing level 1 has given me a solid basic understanding about financial markets and the various finance jargons. Cannot wait to go into more detail with Level 2!
-Kartik Puri, 22 years old
Passing Level I gave me the confidence I needed to move forward at a time in my career when things felt a little stagnant or the path was unclear. I felt I had a skill gap in Finance and that was completely filled with level 1. Professionally, people started viewing me as someone who is goal-oriented, and serious.
-Khushboo Lahoti, 22 years old
Marcus Aurelius once said in his Meditations: “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Nobody had any control over what happened during Covid, but I did have control over how it affects me. That is what led me to try Level 1.
-Charles Berthiaume, 27 years old
In 2021 I decided to start the CFA charter journey early while still in college. Get ready for the test during internship and the last year of economics degree was a great challenge but I am glad that I made that decision. During this journey I learned a lot and used many of new skills acquired on my professional routine. By the end of that year all the effort had paid off. I passed CFA level 1 above 90th percentile, graduated in economics and got a full-time job as sell side equity research analyst.
-Diego Bellico, 25 years old
The CFA program itself is a challenging but rewarding experience. For those looking to start the best advice I would have is to find your reason why and to commit. This is not something you can do being half way in and half way out. There will be days and weeks you will not want to look at any more material and it is in those moments that you must be grounded in your "why".
-Trent Romaniuk, 27 years old
Passing CFA Level 1 helped me find a better internship opportunity; At the same time, in the process of studying CFA exam, I have further consolidated and consolidated my knowledge of finance. I think applying for CFA is a way to choose a better future and pursue excellence. At the same time, there are many CFA holders around me, and I see excellence in them.
-Cherie Chen, 23 years old
CFA Level 1 helped me in professional career, allowing not only to make my networking faster in the world of finance and get the fundamental “investments mindset”, but also let me develop “data management” skills, i.e., processing huge amounts of information in an efficient way.
-Serhii Orlovskyi, 22 years old
The CFA Level 1 program has definitely allowed me to excel in my career as an entry-level Investment Banker. I took the exam during the last year of my undergraduate degree and I overcame many challenges. Also gave me experience in a fast-paced environment as what my current job requires me to do. So long story short, my experience in pursuing the program is that the experience and knowledge I obtained is way more than what is in the curriculum.
-Ezra Dhanaguna, 22 years old